Angelo Tobes is a Computer Science graduate and former computer store owner, now turned photographer, web developer and startup entrepreneur.

The reason behind the website was to help photographers sell their pictures online, in a simple straightforward manner. The main aim is to tie pictures with events, places or albums, where photographers can be invited to collaborate on the project. The first step is to create an album then invite specific photographers to the album.

Being able to invite photographers to an album enables the album creator to vet the contributors to the album, in the case that this is an event that has “official” photographers. Events can be weddings, a sporting competition and so on.

Having an official album for an event like a sporting competition does two things. First, it helps the event organizer get professional photography for the event and second, it helps the photographer market and sell their work to the event attendees. The album’s URL can be shown prominently in the posters or any advertisements for the event.

Each contributing photographer can dictate the price for each photo. The images that are being sold are the originally uploaded “full” resolution picture. The images visible on the website are either cropped to be small or watermarked and cropped.

The credit card transaction is handled by Once the pictures are sold, the buyer will have two days to download the images via a download url that expires. We also email the URL to the buyer.

This is the main purpose of the site but it can also be a simple way to make a proof of the photos that you have taken for your clients since the photos are being cropped and watermarked and the pictures can be purchased directly from the site.